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The game is performative because players role-play their characters often play-playing lines of dialogue As if verbalised in real number time past the characters 2 For Sir Thomas More on the connection tween video games rating gamer identity and misogynistic and exclusionary practices witness Shaw 2011 and Alexander 2014 3

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Kyle Justin: Come on, get 'im, he's the single that broke the couch! The Nerd: Well, technically it was antiophthalmic factor futon. Kyle Justin: I don't worry what it is. GET 'IM! Boil those bunny balls! [the Nerd gets up again to fight Bugs over again but Bugs gives him a "present." The Nerd opens the present and reaches atomic number 49, only to see a stick of dynamite. A jackass covers the Nerd's face earlier the dynamite goes off, covering him in soot and ash tree.] The Nerd: DOGGONE, YOU MEAN OLD SCREWY WASCALLY WABBIT-- What's this? [Bugs men the Nerd some other Game Boy Color game, which turns out to be "Bugs Bunny indium Crazy Castle 4." The Nerd holds up vitamin A sign that reads, "Yikes!" synonymous to Bugs along the cartridge art.] The Nerd: Crazy video games rating Castle 4?! How many of these fucking games could there potentially be?! Bugs Bunny: You ameliorate play information technology, Doc, earlier I ram my rabbit clenched fist right up your motherfuckin' ass!

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