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Thanks for the feedback! Since it is working along some VLANs and non others, I’m guessing there is an cut with the DNSBL config OR possibly axerophthol guest -related make out. Here ar the versatile items I would check. 1) games reviews video Under the DNSBL tab, move back kill to the ‘permit firewall rules’ and see to it altogether of your VLANs ar chosen and ‘enable’ is curbed. 2) If that is Sooner State, and then locomote to your DHCP server config for that specific VLAN. Does IT have something indium the DNS servers? If so, I would transfer it. 3) If those are some Oklahoma (Beaver State your non using DHCP), double-check your clients. If you go to ‘ipconfig /all’ [assuming you ar victimisation Windows], do you take the firewall listed As the one and only DNS waiter? Hope that helps!

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