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The thought of paying money for bugs goes back down A lot further than Stuxnet In 1995 Netscape proclaimed a Bugs Bounty programme that nonrecreational cash in on to anybody WHO could find flaws atomic number 49 its web browser The company wasnt nerve-wracking to destroy centrifuges IT simply sought to sterilise holes in its software system In 2002 vitamin A surety firm called iDefense started buying upwards vulnerabilities of totally kinds another company TippingPoint launched a similar programme atomic number 49 2005 Both programs were created as alternatives to the increasingly active and chaotic exchange of zero-days on the unfold marketessentially they acted as condom 3 video games zero in -day disposal facilities a spot like hot -run off repositories If you ground a bug instead of selling information technology to the highest bidder who would do God knows what with it you could trade IT to iDefense or TippingPoint for a trustworthy price and they would alarm their clients to the problem and work with the software seller to have the wiretap patched iDefense and TippingPoint had something else atomic number 49 common too they both in successive geezerhood 2005 and 2006 employed an intern onymous Aaron Portnoy

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